eIQ Platform

CATALYST controllers can operate as stand-alone units or wirelessly networked together using the eIQ Platform. The eIQ Platform can then be integrated with an existing Building Management System for a complete facility solution.

The eIQ Platform adds remote access, fault detection, diagnostic capability, and a host of other features to the CATALYST installation. This communicating version will automatically notify operators of any equipment performance issues or compromised efficiency, allowing for the quick remedy of problems before occupant comfort suffers, and energy costs skyrocket. It also provides assurance that the anticipated savings are being achieved and sustained.



Web-Based Access – The system can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any authorized computer with an Internet connection.

Real-time Energy Consumption Monitoring – This provides us with the capability to capture and report the actual energy savings of the installed devices. 

Fault Detection and Diagnostics – We have developed several proprietary diagnostic functions to actively monitor the energy consumption and performance of the equipment. This includes the addition of several sensors to verify the status of the equipment including airflow, discharge air temperature, and compressor status. These additional points of information are recorded and trended, then normalized based on outside air conditions and time of day. The system is then monitored for any performance abnormalities, which will trigger an alarm & notification. 

Remote Notification – Through remote access the system can send notifications based on system performance, component integrity, or comfort related issues. Often times the system will trigger a warning before occupant comfort starts to suffer. Each site is monitored to verify that the system is operational. Notifications can be sent via digital media to any contact of choice.

Demand Reduction – The system can either use preset demand parameters or monitor an automated signal from the local utility (where available) to limit the consumption of the unit and meet demand response needs. 

Building Management Controls – The system can be integrated with most Building Management Systems. The eIQ Platform can also work as its own open-protocol Building Management System; capable of controlling lighting, HVAC, and keycard access. 

Preventative Maintenance Cost Avoidance – The CATALYST is able to monitor filter performance and operating conditions of the equipment. Preventative maintenance programs are often based on the assumption that air filters need to be replaced quarterly. By actual monitoring of the filter performance and system operating temperatures, it may be possible to schedule filter changes and PM visits on an “as-needed” basis, resulting in reduced overall maintenance costs.