The Proven RTU Retrofit Solution

Are you dealing with old or new rooftop units (RTU’s) that are energy hogs? Are you trying to save energy but don’t have the funding to replace each and every RTU? Transformative Wave’s CATALYST is an RTU solution that reduces HVAC energy usage by 25 – 50%.

Rooftop packaged HVAC systems (RTUs) are the most common equipment used to service commercial facilities and also huge energy wasters. If you rely on RTUs, you may recognize this but don’t have the resources to replace each and every RTU. Replacement is not the only option. Transformative Wave’s CATALYST is a RTU Retrofit solution that reduces HVAC energy usage by 25 – 50% and the recognized leader in RTU optimization and control.

The CATALYST is more than a controller and more than a variable frequency drive (VFD). It is a complete HVAC energy efficiency upgrade that includes numerous components, adds 5-6 new sensors and has been developed as an easy-to-install pre-wired kit. When applied, it radically lowers the energy use and improves the overall performance of constant volume HVAC systems. The CATALYST assures proper ventilation, maximizes the use of outside air for free cooling beyond standard economizer logic, and reduces fan energy use by an average of 69%. Transformative Wave has a four year history of success in the field and a great deal of M&V data to support the product’s effectiveness.

CATALYST Applications


Full-featured CATALYST with Tridium BMS scheduling and comfort control of HVAC with optional lighting and portfolio asset management resources.


Full-featured CATALYST with web-based visualization of RTU efficiency, system performance, fault detection, and energy accountability tools.


Smart VFD for those looking for supply fan control. Includes CATALYST ventilation and equipment protection features.

Full CATALYST Application

More than a “black box,” the full CATALYST application provides live interaction via the eIQ Platform, a completely wireless solution that allows real-time monitoring and control over the web with energy savings and historic behavior reporting. Transformative Wave is doing some exciting things with embedded and server-based fault detection, diagnostic, and energy accountability features. The CATALYST can integrate with existing building management systems (BMS) or be applied as the BMS. Transformative Wave and delivers the eIQ as an open source Tridium automation solution.

CATALYST Lite  Application

The CATALYST Lite controller has been designed to serve the needs of organizations looking for a reliable and thoughtful stand-alone drive solution for fan energy savings. While Transformative Wave’s full CATALYST retrofit solution offers users additional energy savings and advanced features with the eIQ Platform such as fault detection, remote diagnostics, and real-time efficiency and performance verification, some operators are only interested in a supply fan upgrade product. The CATALYST Lite is a response to this significant market sector seeking a simple VFD solution. As part of our CATALYST solution product line, the CATALYST Lite maintains our commitment to basic system protections and proper ventilation unlike simple VFDs or low-tech drive products out in the market. View our CATALYST Lite brochure for more information.

Who benefits?

Transformative Wave also enjoys great support from utilities in the form of strong incentives. In the public sector, our clients include the Los Angeles Unified School District, Cal Tech, and Department of Defense locations in San Diego and Hawaii. In the private sector, Transformative Wave has installed projects with numerous major retailers, property management firms, office buildings, call centers, manufacturing facilities, churches, and health care organizations.



The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently commissioned a study with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in which the CATALYST was the only retrofit solution conducted in field tests. The study covered CATALYST upgrades on 66 existing rooftop units (RTUs) across the nation in four climate zones and varying building types.

Read the full report. Read the highlights.

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Third Party Validation Case Studies:

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