Affiliate Partners


A Nationwide Network

As the CATALYST gains acceptance with national retailers and facility operators across the country, it is critical that Transformative Wave has a professional delivery mechanism to meet demand.

For this reason, we have recruited some of the nation’s most prestigious organizations to join our team as Affiliate Partners. These Affiliate Partners act as resellers and certified installers of the CATALYST in their local markets. While our Affiliate Partner Network includes energy consulting firms, energy service companies, and automation experts, it primarily consists of Commercial HVAC Service Contractors with building automation capability. We have found HVAC contractors to be best positioned to benefit from the CATALYST business opportunity as it compliments their existing business priorities. They also are very effective installers of the product due to their understanding of the HVAC equipment involved.

While building automation companies tend to hire subcontractors who drive from city-to-city and town-to-town to install control systems, we believe it is important to have local partners who have a permanent presence in these cities and towns. We value that local support in every market we serve. Transformative Wave has a thorough training program for Affiliate Partners and provides powerful tools to assist in identifying properties that are good CATALYST candidates. These tools equip Affiliate Partners to properly estimate and price projects based on the local utility and climate realities. This eliminates the need for engineering-intensive analysis and speeds the proposal pricing process. We want them to be successful and motivated partners. Another way we empower our Affiliate Partners is in the way we assemble and deliver the CATALYST as a pre-engineered and pre-programmed system.

The CATALYST has been designed as a universal retrofit “kit” that can be installed on any RTU by technicians of average skill in only a few hours. This approach allows for reduced labor investment and repeatable results.

If you are interested in learning more about Transformative Wave’s network of Affiliate Partners or would like to find out about the qualifications for becoming an Affiliate Partner complete our Contact form.

News from our Affiliate Partner network:

Dillett Mechanical Helps Steinhafels Furniture Save 46% on HVAC Energy Use with the Installation of the CATALYST to Its Existing HVAC equipment. [pdf]

Sure Temp provides Broome County a field test of the CATALYST that is expected to save the county 60% in HVAC energy use. 
[news release]