3-Step Process

We Promote a 3-Step Process to Maximize Energy Efficiency Outcomes on Every Project. 


Restore the HVAC systems as close to original factory level performance as possible. We address the existing operational and service issues so we can start with properly working equipment.  Our nationwide Affiliate network provides us with intelligent people in the form of trained technicians who understand how to optimize these systems as the starting point for every project.


Apply the CATALYST as an efficiency upgrade to the existing HVAC systems.  This allows them to perform at an unprecedented level of efficiency and creates a new energy use profile.  The CATALYST acts as intelligent hardware that produces much lower operating costs while delivering the same level of comfort and indoor air quality.


Assure that the efficiency outcomes are perpetuated for years to come.  This is the most important step of all.  We accomplish this with the eIQ Platform as intelligent software that provides energy and performance accountability.  The battle against efficiency degradation is accomplished via advanced fault detection, remote diagnostics, self-calibration, and energy analytic routines.