Multi-Site Solutions

Customized asset & energy management tools for Operators responsible for multiple properties and a large number of RTUs.

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Complete RTU Retrofit Solution

Need to make current HVAC assets more efficient? Integrate with existing systems? Or looking for a new automation solution? We can meet you where you're at.

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eIQ Platform

Our low-cost building automation solution for energy intelligence and performance monitoring.

“CATALYST's multi-speed fan operation, demand controlled ventilation and peak demand shaving capabilities exceeded expectations. NREL sees it is a mature, reliable retrofit technology combining energy efficiency and automated demand response for the small to medium size retail market.”


“The significant energy savings and quality installation process are just two of the reasons we selected CATALYST and Transformative Wave as our partner for RTU retrofits across the United States and Canada.”

Dr. Michael Deru, Engineering Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Mike Ellinger, Whole Foods Market, Global Maintenance & Refrigeration Coordinator